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It all starts with your credit report

Contact us now to get started by retrieving your free 3 bureau credit report with scores.  If you already have your credit report we can start preparing your case immediately.   PayPal buttons are available at the bottom of this page to let us start improving the information on your credit report today.  Remember that information on your report is critical to protecting your integrity and having great credit.  Don't wait......Act NOW!

Forensic Analysis - $149

This is a very popular option for our clients as well as many of our partners and agents.  This provides a detailed guide for those who wish to attempt credit disputes on their own along with ensuring all information on your report is relevant, correctly recorded and most importantly........that it all belongs to you.   Many of our competitors rely on us to provide this to help their clients get started.  

Nearly 40% of our client who utilize our analysis have credit scores above 730.  In this day and age of ongoing ID theft and regular inaccurate reporting by credit bureaus and creditors, this is your best insurance policy to be sure all the information on your credit report ACTUALLY belongs to you.  Well over half of all of our clients have us perform this analysis every 2-3 years.

Analysis & Dispute Service - $299

 In addition to perfoming a detailed analysis, disputing credit reports is far more challenging than it should be and constantly changing information creates a high stress, complex process.  Letting a professional handle your needs is far better than the very low success rate when consumers attempt disputes on their own. 


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